Monday, May 09, 2005

Solar Energy the next Frontier

By the grace of G-d
The Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a on Solar Energy :
There is, however, one energy source which can be made available in a very short time. Solar energy is non-polluting, cheap, and inexhaustible. Already used in many countries, it can power individual homes as well as giant factories. The United States has been blessed with plentiful sunshine, especially in the south, and it is no great technological feat to transport the energy derived from it to other parts of the country. The entire United States, and indeed, other countries not so well blessed with sunshine, can have their energy needs met with the solar energy produced in the southern United States. The U.S.A. need but have the proper determination, brush aside all opposition, and very quickly solve its energy problems. Then, no longer dependent on foreign countries, it can utilize its G-d given assets to influence peoples around the world -- to be productive, G-d fearing citizens.

This is a country which has traditionally been full of kindness and compassion to those less fortunate than itself. The determination to continue in this admirable work lends urgency to the necessity of utilizing all possible assets. We do this not for our own selfish, egocentric purposes; for G-d has blessed this country richly, and it is our duty to use those riches to their fullest good.
With the independence and power thus granted to it, the United States can fulfill its role of bringing peace and stability to this sorely troubled planet.

Starting with solar energy, the U.S.A. must quickly as possible begin its program of energy self-sufficiency. Let those who hinder the pursuit of peace take heed of this determination, and be warned that this country will not allow the havoc and chaos to continue. Just the knowledge that the U.S. is preparing to do so will contribute immeasurably to the stilling of the madness and instability presently rampant. Then speedily we will come to the time when all will be peace and plenty, in the final redemption through our Righteous Redeemer.
(Based on Rebbe's talks said in early 80s)

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