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About Shefa Yamim

By the grace of G-d

About Shefa Yamim

The story of Shefa Yamim is a fascinating one, not least because of the events leading to its establishment and the success of the Company’s subsequent activities.
In 1988, the Lubavitcher Rebbe held a conversation with the then mayor of Haifa, Mr. Arye Goral, in which he stated that:

“… In Haifa, there is a sea. One shouldn’t become intimidated by something that is deep. This is the uniqueness of Haifa - that it has a sea and that there is a valley and in the valley are precious stones. The Holy One, Blessed Be He, did a wondrous thing; he concealed them in the depths of the earth, and in any case, in the depth of the river….” Click here to view the video of this conversation.
Ten years later, A few followers of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and Experienced members of the Diamond industry seized upon the significance of this vision, and established Shefa Yamim as a corporate vehicle through which it could be examined from a scientific perspective, with a view to commercial exploitation.
The Company’s founders believe that this vision guarantees the site’s success from the perspective of both quantity and quality. They have not been disappointed, and the enterprise has met with extraordinary success.
To fund its initial activities, the founders Shefa Yamim raised a necessary funds.
The Company made a number of test drills, and the extracted core was analyzed. Recent geological opinions resulting from these activities indicate the existence of a large Diamond and precious stone deposit in the Shefa Yamim permit area.
The Company now expects to open a mine with a joint venture agreement with a market leader within 12 to 18 months after raising its second round of financing.


The Company’s operations have focused on a site located in the western Galilee, along the Qishone River in the Zvullun Valley.

Shefa Yamim obtained a Exploration permit from the official state authorities in Israel (the Supervisor of Mines at the Ministry of National Infrastructure). Initial findings have since resulted in seven consecutive permits being issued to the Company.

Company Laboratories

Most operations take place at the Company’s laboratories in the Nesher Industrial zone in northern Israel. The Company employs in-house geologists, specializing in mineral and Diamond prospecting. These include a sophisticated microscopic laboratory for locating minerals, petrography, and mineralogy examinations.
The extracted core was washed and geologically tested. All precious stones and associated minerals were initially recognized and microscopically tested at the laboratory to find their optical and physical properties. Each stage of laboratory testing and its respective outcome was meticulously recorded. Analyzed material was then specially packed and stored for future re-testing, if necessary.
Third party institutions like the Technion Institute and Be’er Sheva University have conducted their own tests on the minerals found. Some were also tested using the SEM method at the Geological Survey of Israel and at the De Beers Africa exploration laboratory.


Core samples extracted by the Company have yielded a number of exciting discoveries:

64 micro and macro Diamond crystals and fragments.
Numerous associated minerals and precious stones such as:
Moissanite, Sapphire, Ruby, Garnets (Pyrope), various Corundum, Chrome Spinel, colorless Zircon, red Rutile, Olivine, Kyanite, and more.


Findings of Diamonds, as well as large amounts of minerals associated with Diamond deposits, all strongly indicate commercial amounts and qualities of Diamonds.
Some of the minerals found have independent market value, such as Rubies, Sapphires and Moissanite.
Geological experts from around the world are closely watching the progress of the Company.
These facts clearly suggest that the permit area currently held by Shefa Yamim is extremely valuable, and that those associated with the Company stand to benefit when full scale mining activities take place.

More than Just Science

Shefa Yamim’s prospecting activities have brought a strong scientific base to the comments made by the Lubavitcher Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach SHIL”O, that precious stones and gems can be found in the valley of Haifa.
Further examination of the Rebbe’s words reveals more of what is likely to be in store:
“the Holy One, blessed be He, did a wondrous thing” – Company founders believe that this refers to the wondrous nature of the extent of the eventual finds, that will be unique both in terms of quantity and quality.
This is reinforced by a remarkable statement made by the Rebbe in a public address in 1992. The Rebbe referred to the famous Biblical verse that enumerates the produce with which the Holy Land is blessed. The verse says:
“A land of wheat, barley, grape, fig, and pomegranate; a land of oil-olives and honey.” Here the Rebbe added “and a land full of precious stones and gems.”
This is even more pertinent because the Rebbe, in that same address, connected this subject to the passage in Prophets that mentions the Qishone River, the very place where Shefa Yamim has made its findings of Diamonds and precious stones.
The Rebbe’s vision has already led to unexpected findings. Geological experts now believe that a commercial deposit does indeed exist in the Company’s license area.
Further consideration of the Rebbe’s words:
1) “…the Holy One, blessed be He, did a wondrous thing…”
2) “…and a land full of precious stones and gems”
brings the promise of extremely successful results and substantial profits well beyond conservative scientific estimations.


Shefa Yamim has proven itself, by bringing scientific support to a vision of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.
The permit area has already yielded extremely promising Diamond fragments and minerals.
Geological reports indicate a placer (deposit) with commercial viability.
The teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe suggest that the extent of the precious stones to be found in the area is far beyond conservative scientific estimates.

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